Top 10 TV Shows for Kids

Children’s programmes that are both fun and informative are abundant on Indian television. These programmes, which range from live-action dramas to animated programmes, have captured the attention of both children and adults. Finding the right shows for your youngster might be difficult with so many selections available. The top 10 Indian TV series for kids are listed in this article. These programmes are ideal for kids of all ages because they were chosen for their popularity, educational value, and entertaining factor.

Chhota Bheem

An extremely well-liked children’s cartoon series in India is Chhota Bheem. The programme centres on the exploits of Bheem, a young kid with extraordinary strength who defends his village against numerous dangers. The show has a high level of entertainment value thanks to its vibrant animation, interesting plots, and likeable characters. It also has educational value since it teaches kids the importance of perseverance, friendship, and teamwork.

Motu Patlu

Popular Indian cartoon series Motu Patlu centres on the friendship of two characters named Motu and Patlu. They frequently encounter amusing circumstances in the fictional village of Furfuri Nagar, where the show centres on their comedic exploits. Children and adults alike love the show because of its humour, vibrant animation, and catchy music. The programme has also received appreciation for its upbeat message, which teaches young viewers the virtues of cooperation, bonding, and problem-solving. With a sizable following all over India, Motu Patlu has become a cherished component of Indian popular culture.


The popular Indian cartoon series Shiva chronicles the adventures of a little child named Shiva. He solves issues and provides assistance to residents in his town using his bicycle and intellect. The show is popular with kids thanks to its action-packed plots, vibrant animation, and catchy soundtrack. Shiva has also received recognition for the lessons it teaches kids about STEM principles (science, technology, engineering, and maths). In India, Shiva has grown in popularity among young audiences.

Roll no. 21

A little boy named Kris is taken to a mystical region and struggles against demons and monsters to save the earth in the Indian animated series Roll No. 21. Children love the show because of its exciting plots, vibrant animation, and catchy music. Roll No. 21 has also received appreciation for its upbeat message, which teaches kids the importance of fortitude, tenacity, and compassion. The programme has grown in popularity among young viewers in India and has attracted a sizable following globally.

Mighty Raju

An Indian cartoon series called Mighty Raju depicts the story of a young kid named Raju who developed superhuman strength after mistakenly ingesting a substance made by his scientist mother. Children love the show because of its exciting plots, vibrant animation, and catchy music. Mighty Raju has received admiration for its upbeat message, which teaches kids the importance of integrity, bravery, and kindness. In India, the show has become a fan favourite, and it has developed a sizable following internationally.

Baal Veer

An Indian children’s television programme known as Baal Veer centres around a little boy named Baal Veer who possesses magical abilities and utilises them to stop evil and defend the helpless. Young viewers love the show because of its captivating plots, vibrant costumes, and amazing spectacular effects. Baal Veer promotes virtues like love, integrity, and bravery. The programme continues to inspire and amuse kids all over India and has become a valued component of Indian pop culture.

Veer: The Robot Boy

Popular Indian cartoon series Vir: The Robot Boy recounts the heroic actions of a robot boy named Vir who battles evil powers to defend the earth. Children love the show for its action-packed plots, vibrant animation, and catchy music. Vir: The Robot Boy has also received recognition for its educational usefulness in teaching kids about subjects in STEM fields including science, technology, engineering, and maths. In India, young viewers have made the show an all time favourite.

Krish, Trish and Baltiboy

A broad selection of folktales from many regions of India are collected in the animated anthology programmes Krish Trish and Baltiboy. Young viewers love the show because of its distinctive storytelling approach, bright animation, and captivating music. While highlighting India’s rich cultural past, the stories tackle numerous themes including friendship, bravery, and determination. It’s a must-see for both kids and adults to watch Krish Trish and Baltiboy since it’s a charming and enjoyable show that perfectly portrays Indian folklore and mythology.

The Jungle Book

An iconic Indian animated series called The Jungle Book is based on the well-known Rudyard Kipling book of the same name. The show has become a cherished part of Indian pop culture thanks to its endearing animation, enduring characters, and captivating plotlines. The message that The Jungle Book conveys to kids about the value of protecting the environment and nature has also received recognition. Children of all ages continue to be entertained by and inspired by the series, which has evolved into a timeless classic.

Eena Meena Deeka

Popular Indian animation series Eena Meena Deeka features a trio of characters named Eena, Meena, and Deeka, all of whom engage in humorous pranks. Deeka, a shrewd and brilliant bird, and Eena and Meena, two cheeky fox brothers who enjoy pulling pranks on Deeka, are the main characters of the show’s ongoing chase. A favourite among young audiences in India, the show is known for its vibrant animation, slapstick humour, and catchy music. With its world of hilarious shenanigans and friendly rivalry, Eena Meena Deeka offers a delightful and lighthearted vacation.

As we’ve seen, there are lots of children’s TV programmes in India that are entertaining, educational, and positive. To make sure their kids aren’t exposed to inappropriate or adult material, parents should pick these shows wisely and keep an eye on them. By doing this, parents may encourage their kid’s growth and well-being while simultaneously enabling them to benefit from high-quality children shows.

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